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Links to other sources of information available on the Internet

Medline Plus:
A library of information on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other disorders collected and maintained by the National Institute of Health.

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Interactive Tutorial:
Presented by the National Library of Medicine, this interactive presentation reviews the basics of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Note: requires the Flash plug-in to view.

OSHA on Ergonomics:
The Department of Labor's guide to ergonomics. Contains a lit of resources and OSHA guidelines for Ergonomics in the workplace.

University of Florida Environmental Health & Safety Ergonomic Resources:
This website created by the University of Florida contains reference materials and ergonomic tools that may be useful in the identification of risk factors, management of work tasks, organization of work spaces, and the selection of effective equipment for the reduction of ergonomic risk factors and injury:

Although this is a commercial source, WebMD does provide an excellent overview of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Type "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" in the search box to be directed to a list of topics.


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