Before you begin to understand sports journalism's current state, it is important to truly understand just how far society has come. It is important to grasp the innovation of today while appreciating the simplicity of yesterday. We didn't just begin translating news 24 hours a day because of the birth of one bit of technology. Instead, society had to start somewhere. Computers were needed before the internet could be born. Recorded sound was necessary before the radio could come about. And, quite simply, paper was needed before a newspaper could be produced.

So before you move on, explore the history of journalism by clicking the link below:

History of Journalism: The Timeline

Now take a look at a broken-down portion of the history of sports journalism:

1936 Berlin Olympics are televised closed circuit
1939 first broadcast of sports coverage
1947 The zoom lens covers baseball's world series for TV
1954 Sporting events are broadcast in live color
1961 Boxing match shows potential of pay-TV
1964 Olympic games in Tokyo telecast live globally by satellite

Although dramatically shorter than the full history, some of these monumental moments in sports journalism has played a pivotal role in the advancement of journalism. As the role athletics plays in society heightens, so has the role sports journalism played in the advancement of converged journalism. Fans demanded to know more about the games. They didn't just care about what happened. They wanted to know why it happened. Technology was growing. So was the need for more sports coverage.

As a result, convergence has occurred.


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