Modern Mass Media


1851 Cable laid across the English Channel
1858 Eraser fitted at the end of a pencil
1873 Illustrated Daily Newspaper appears in NY
1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone
1880 First photos in Newspapers, using halftones
1904 Telephone answering machine service is invented
1906 A program of voice and music is broadcast in the US
1909 First broadcast talk: The subject was women's suffrage.
1916 Radios get tuners
1920 KDKA in Pittsburgh broadcasts first scheduled programs
1922 A commercial is broadcast, $100 for ten minutes
1926 Permanent radio network, NBC is formed
1927 NBC begins two radio networks, CBS is formed
1934 Half of the homes in the US have radios
1936 Berlin Olympics are televised closed circuit
1938 CBS "World News Roundup" ushers in modern newscasting
1939 First sports coverage
1944 NBC presents first US Network Newscast
1947 The zoom lens covers baseball's world series for TV
1954 -Radio sets in the world now outnumber newspapers printed daily
-Sporting events are broadcast in live color
1959 The microchip is invented
1961 Boxing match shows potential of pay-TV
1963 TV news "comes of age" in reporting JFK assassination
1964 Olympic games in Tokyo telecast live globally by satellite
1969 Astronauts send live photographs from the moon
1970 The computer floppy disc is an instant success
1971 Wang 1200 is the first word processor
1973 The microcomputer is born in France
1974 Electronic News Gathering, ENG
1976 Apple I introduced
1980 CNN 24-hour news network launched
1981 -Laptop computers are introduced
-IBM PC launched
1982 USA Today type set in regional plants by satellite command
1987 Half of all US homes with TV are on cable
1991 CNN demonstrates news coverage worldwide during Gulf War
1994 After 25 years, the US government privatizes internet management
1995 CD-ROM disk can carry full-length feature film.

- America Online has 5,000,000 subscribers.
- Several large newspapers offers Web access to their archives.

1997 Streaming audio and video are available on the Web
1998 3,250 newspapers, 1,280 TV stations now have online websites

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