The Early Period


3500 B.C. Pictographs on clay tablets used in Sumer to depict events.
2400 B.C. Engraved seals used to identify author (the first byline)
A.D. 100 Roman government mail carried across the empire by couriers
A.D. 105 T'sai Lun invents paper
A.D. 450 Ink on seals stamped onto paper in China (Printing developed)
A.D. 600 Books printed in China
A.D. 950 Folded books appear in China in place of rolls
A.D. 1049 Pi Sheng fabricates movable type using clay.
A.D. 1241 Metal type is developed in Korea
A.D. 1450 Newsletters begin to circulate in Europe
A.D. 1451 Johannes Gutenberg uses a press to print an old German poem.