Learning the Basics of Volleyball







Daytona Invitaional 2001

The sport of volleyball was invented by William Morgan in 1895. Its original purpose was to give middle age men, who lacked the conditoning to play the intense game of basketball, an alternative that still required skill and athletic ability. The first volleyball was made from the blatter of an old basketball. The sport quickly grew in popularity, and began to evolve into more than just a recreational pastime. In 1930, Paul Johnson brought volleyball out onto the beach in Santa Monica, CA, and beach volleyball became a staple all along the California coast.

Since 1895, volleyball has grown and developed into a sport enjoyed by millions of people of all ages. In fact, women's indoor volleyball is one of the most popular girl's sports among high school and college students in America.

Both indoor and beach volleyball have evolved tremendously from their beginnings and are now sports played at the highest level, and drawing some of the best athletes in the world. Both beach and indoor volleyball are Olympic sports today, and there are numerous professional leagues in many countries around the world. The top-ranked athletes in volleyball make millions in prize-money and in endorsement contracts.

While the sport, some rules, and its popularity have changed throughout its history, the basic skills of passing, hitting, setting, blocking, and serving are still key to playing volleyball at any level. Correct technique is crucial, and the following instructions on each phase of the game can help you in perfecting the game of volleyball. Learning these skills correctly will help elevate your game to its highest potential.

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