Learning the Basics of Volleyball







Set the ball where your hitter wants it


Setting is extremely important, because without a good set, the hitter can't hit the ball. The key to setting is soft hands. You almost want to catch the ball and quickly release it. The release is almost like shooting a basketball with two hands. Be careful. If you keep ball in your hands too long, you will be called for a lift. You should be pushing the ball out of your hands as soon as you feel it. Be careful not to bring the ball down to your face, because you will get called for a lift. Hand-setting is a must in indoor volleyball. A beach player can get away with bump setting, but accuracy is sacrificed.

Keeping the ball in front of your body is very important. Try to square your body to where you want the ball to go. This will make your sets more accurate. Use your legs as well as your arms to push your sets. You would be surprised how much farther you can push the ball by using your body's momentum.

Setting rules differ from league to league, and from indoor to beach. Players are allowed to hold on to the ball longer in beach volleyball, but the ball cannot spin. Indoor setters are not allowed to hold onto the ball at all, but they are allowed spin.

The key to being a good setter is set the ball where your hitter can hit it. Talk to your hitters, and find out where they like their sets. Also, be patient with your passers. You need a good pass to give a good set, but the pass will not always be perfect.

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