Learning the Basics of Volleyball







Serving up some spaders


There are many ways to serve a volleyball. There is the float serve, the jump serve, the sky ball, the roundhouse technique, and many others. Regardless of what kind of serve you prefer, the thing to remember is that you must be consistent. It does not matter if you can jump serve really hard if you never get the serve in. In many cases, a float serve can be just as effective as a jump serve. Being able to serve the ball where you want can be just as important as serving hard.

As far as technique goes; it is pretty much the same as hitting. You want to reach high and contact the ball in front of your body. When jump serving, use the momentum of your approach to put more power into your serve. When float serving outdoors, pay attention to the wind. A good float serve into the wind can prove to be very difficult to pass. The key however is consistency. Keep your serves in. No points can be scored if a team cannot serve the ball over the net or in bounds.

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