Learning the Basics of Volleyball







Keep low when passing


When learning how to pass, the three main things to remember are keeping low, keeping your arms straight, and keeping the ball in front of you. Following these three rules will help you build a good foundation to being a great passer.

Keeping low and on the balls of your feet will help you to maintain balance. This means that you will be able to move quickly for the ball and have a better chance of getting to a ball that is difficult to reach. If you are not balanced, you don't have control of your body. If you don't have control of your body, you will not be able to control where the ball is going.

Keeping your arms straight and forming a flat surface is important for passing the ball in the direction you want it to go in. Think of it as if you were bouncing a ball off of a wall. If the wall is flat, the ball will come right back to you. If the wall is curved, the ball will bounce off in another direction. The same is true with your arms. By keeping a flat platform, you can easily direct the ball where you want it to go. This will greatly improve your passing accuracy.

Keeping in front of the ball is crucial to getting off a good pass. Always, when possible, move your feet to position your body in front of the ball. Avoid passing from the side whenever possible. The ball will tend to go where your momentum is going. If your momentum is going off to one side, the ball is more likely to go off to that side. If your momentum is going towards your target, the ball will go there too.

Sometimes it is impossible to worry about good form. You can't get in front of every ball, and sometimes the ball is hit high and you can't stay low. When playing defense, the rules go out the window. It is hard enough diving for a dink or digging in for a hard hit, so just do what you can. Try to keep good form, but if only one hand or foot can get to the ball, do what you have to. Don't be lazy. Doing it right may seem boring and tedious, but building good passing habits will only improve your game.

The entire offensive game is set up by the pass. Remember that a good pass leads to a good set, and a good set will lead to a good hit and a point or sideout.

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