Learning the Basics of Volleyball







Keep the ball in front of your body


Hitting is the glorious part of volleyball. A big powerful spike can send a crowd into a frenzy, and it can let the air out of your opponent's game. The keys to hitting the ball properly are a good approach, a good jump, and a nice high swing. Too many players think that simply swinging at the ball hard is enough, but without proper technique, you won't reach your full potential and you could cause serious damage to your arm.

A good approach is key in positioning yourself for a good hit. When playing indoors, the approach is usually three steps, starting with the foot opposite of your swinging arm. On the third step, you should swing your arms back as far as possible, crouch down, and swing your arms forward as you extend your body up towards the ball. The technique is basically the same in beach volleyball. Always keep the ball in front of your body. This will keep you balanced and you will be able to see where you want to hit the ball.

As you prepare to jump, be sure not to jump into the net. A good hit does not count if you get called for a net violation. The higher above the net you are, the better.

While you are in the air, swing at the ball. You want to contact the ball at the highest possible point. The will enhance your chance of hitting over a blocker. As you swing your arm forward, point you thumb up as high as you can. This will make you reach for the ball and contact it at the highest possible point. It will also reduce the risk of injury to your shoulder. When contacting the ball, use your body and your momentum for power. Do not only use your arm, because you will injure it. Also, by using your body and momentum, you will hit the ball harder. As you contact the ball, flick your wrist. This motion will force the ball down into the court, and it also creates downspin on the ball, which causes it to drop. After contacting the ball, follow thru. This will also help to prevent injury. As you are coming down, be careful not to get into the net, and if you are playing indoor volleyball, don't cross the base line.

Just because you can hit hard, doesn't mean you have to. If there is a big block up, or if you get a bad set, dink or shoot the ball. Often times, that works just as well, if not better. Mix it up when hitting. If you keep your opponent guessing, you have a better chance of putting the ball away.

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