Learning the Basics of Volleyball







Reach up high and tork your body


Blocking is your first form of defense. A good blocker can reduce a hitter's range to practically nothing. The most important thing to remember when blocking is to penetrate the net. It does not matter how tall you are or how high you can jump, if you don't get penetration. The goal is to jump and reach high enough that you are breaking both the vertical and horizontal plains of the net. Just remember not to touch the net.

When blocking indoors, always remember to line up your inside arm to the hitters swinging arm. This will allow you to close him inside the court and it will be harder for him or her to hit the ball off your hands and out of bounce. Be careful to make sure you jump straight up, so you don't collide with other blockers on your team.

Timing is very important in blocking. When jumping off the ground to block, wait until just after the hitter jumps. This will work to your advantage, because you will still be on your way up and the hitter will be on his or her way down.

Blocking on the beach is a little bit different, timing is still important, but because there are only two players per team, communication is the key. Knowing where your partner is playing defense is important, because you need to know where to block. If your defense is covering the angle shot, you want to be blocking the line shot. If your defense is covering the line, you want to be blocking the angle. It is also very important to know when not to block. If the hitter gets a very bad set, move back off the net and play defense. Chances are that a bad set means an easy dig for your team.

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