Iceland, isolated in the North Atlantic Ocean, takes great comfort in its safe haven - cold, rain and snow aside. For centuries, Iceland used its unique environs to resist authority and invaders who were weary of its location in the Northern latitudes, and the intimidating Arctic climate that waited in the rain.

Iceland is rigid and unforgiving country, with mountains as daunting as the oceans from which they came. Invader fleets simply did not have the wherewithal to take on a country so far away – and a country protected by the boundaries of high, rough seas on either side.

Today, travelers fly into Reykjavik from all corners of the world for these very reasons. An ideal loaction for the outdoorsmen and the adventurer, Iceland is a short plane ride to London and New York City, and is becoming an ever-popular haven for travelers and businessmen alike.

Located in a one of the most beautiful corners of the world, Icelanders can spend a three day weekend in Greenland, Ireland, or the North Pole just the same. And flying to Montreal and Boston would take as much time as driving from Hafnarfjordhur to Husakiv, proving that in Iceland you don’t ever have to leave to get away.

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