… You will live clean and comfortably. Nineteen percent of all power coming from Iceland is hydroelectric, one of the largest emission rates in the world. Iceland has very little industry outside of Reykjavik that emits pollutants, and even in the capital there are springs for swimming and recreation. And the water is so clean and pure that it is pumped into taps without any chlorination whatsoever.

… You will live long and prosper. Life expectancy, at 81.3 years for women and 76.4 for men, is one of the highest in the world. And the median Icelander makes $30,000 per year, the seventh highest in the world.

… You will live safely. Iceland, with no army, navy or air force, has not seen combat for several centuries. In addition, Iceland has the seventh lowest incarceration and murder rates in the entire world.

… You will be smart. With a literacy rate of 99 percent, the highest in the world, Iceland is a well-educated, well-informed country with a thirst for arts. There are museums scattered throughout the entire country paying homage to the country’s history and its place in the future. The National Gallery of Iceland, located in Reykjavik, is the biggest and most visited.

… You will be festive. Festivals abound in Iceland throughout the year, with the largest on Independence Day (June 17). Other celebrations include the arrival of winter and summer, and typically whenever the country feels like a party.

… You will work and play. And play and play. On the average, Icelander’s have four weeks of vacation time per year, and some much more than that. With over 70 bars and clubs in Reykjavik, and mountains, riverbeds, glaciers, hot springs and just about anything else you can imagine, Iceland has enough to do for four weeks, or years, at a time.

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