This project is dedicated to providing citizens of Gainesville, Florida, more specifically, University of Florida Students, information regarding attorneys whose services they may retain if they are ever in an auto accident, and have suffered personal injury as a result.

I felt this topic would be appropriate in Gainesville, a college town, because of the disproportionate amount of college-age students driving in a relatively small area. College-age students (ages 18-22) are, by definition, some of the least experienced drivers on the road. As a result, Gainesville, and other college towns, is considerably more susceptible to traffic accidents than an area without as high a number of inexperienced drivers.

As a result, I felt this website was a worthwile venture. Students, or other citizens, who have been in an auto accident may have a legitimate claim to make. This site exists to offer them the opportunity to explore this possibility, and potentially punish irresponsible or unsafe drivers.

I will not be listing ALL of the attorneys who handle auto accident cases on this website. There are simply too many too list in the space I have been given on this site. I will only list 50 such attorneys so that students have the option of calling them and finding out if that particular attorney is suitable to their individual needs. I believe a list of 50 attorneys is more than enough for a victim of accident to explore his or her options and, perhaps, legal rights.

There are a lot of bad drivers out there. If you are in an accident, you DO have options.


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