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These are pages that I find useful or fun or just plain interesting. I recommend them on the basis that since I visit them frequently, they must be the coolest sites on the planet. That's right. You read what I just wrote.

1. - The site I read daily to find out what's going on in the boxing world. I don't think anyone can compete with the amount of information one can find on Fightnews.

2. - Another boxing news site that I read from time to time. They have some opinionated journalists working over there though.

3. - A godsend in terms of boxing research and history. Whenever I want to learn about a fighter in the past, a prospect on the rise or what happened in a fight, I look it up on BoxRec. I think they run a brilliant Web site.

4. - This one is a gimme. The world revolves around ESPN, doesn't it?

5. - This site is unique because of its enormous message board where loads of boxing enthusiasts post their opinions on the boxing world every day. Beware, though, courtesy is seldom found on the message board.

6. - This is a randomly useful Web site of sorts. Look--if you use KaZaA, and I think you do, why not use it and avoid the trouble of spyware running rampant throughout your PC?

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