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Survey of Electronic Publishing, Spring 2003.

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The Flagler College Gargoyle: A Familiar Landscape

On a personal note, I returned to the school where I received my undergraduate education, Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, for the final layout weekend of the Flagler College student newspaper, The Gargoyle, for the school year. In my time at Flagler, I had the distinct privilege of serving as senior writer and assistant editor-in-chief of the publication, but this time I wanted to return as an observer. I wanted to record what layout was like after I had been away at the University of Florida for some time. Rather than talk about it, I think I will let the pictures do the talking.

Gargoyles from this year scattered on the ground.

Assistant A & E Editor Mirva Lempiainen on the phone, sports editor Erin O'Neil on the iMac.

Meredith Ridenour and Jefferey Spivey, brilliant members of the Gargoyle staff.

Miranda McLeod, Amanda Cook, and Tara DuHaime.

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