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Survey of Electronic Publishing, Spring 2003.

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Challenges Facing College Newspapers:  Censorship, Emerging Online, and the "Reputation" Issue.  A Study conducted for Survey of Electronic Publishing, Spring 2003

Challenges Facing College Newspapers

Cases and Studies:  Examining the Problem

Censorship Issues In College Newspapers

Online Concerns Among College Newspapers

Development of College Newspapers

Works Cited in this Study


Newspapers on the corner of University Avenue and 18th Street in Gainesville, Florida.  The impact of college newspapers is pervasive not only at the University of Florida, but in the surrounding city. The idea that college newspapers simply serve as experiments in journalism is a myth. What happens when that college newspaper becomes a very real competitor against local publications? What kind of pressure (subtle or otherwise) can college administrators place on newspaper advisors or the paper itself? What are the benefits of becoming an independently produced newspaper? Is there a future for campus journalism online? And just how do college newspapers grow?

The purpose of this study is my attempt to explain, through my own first hand experiences and through the literature, what makes campus journalism work, and what makes it worth investigating. The importance of college newspapers in the larger scope of the global media is evident. As Editor & Publisher's John Consoli once explained, "it's important for our readers who are professional journalists to be aware of what's going on at the campus level. These are the kids they will be hiring some day."

Explore some of the issues in these pages if you're involved in campus journalism, want to be, or just curious about what makes them tick...


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