A Tribute to the Most Celebrated Classical Composers

  Franz Liszt (1811-1886)



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 In his Hungarian Rhapsodies, Liszt borrowed from the gypsy folk tradition to create music of great energy and infectious rhythm. The first two of the fifteen have been used numerous times in cartoons and thus are recognizable. 'Les Preludes,' is a 20 minute piece that is a paraphrase of a famous poem. The music is to convey the prelude to the after life, which is what we are living now.  

  • Hungarian Rhapsody No.2   
  • Les Preludes: A Symphonic Poem   

It is also worthwhile to note the contrast betweeen the Studies of Transcendental Execution, some of the hardest pieces ever written for the piano, and the Nocturnes, with their slow lyrical playing.

  • Studies of Transcendental Execution, no. 5   
  • Nocturnes, Liebestraume, no. 3   
  • Piano Concerto No. 1, 2nd Movement    


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