The Impact of Tobacco Advertising

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The Facts: A Harsh Reality...

1. According to The National Cancer Institute, most of the money the tobacco industry spends on advertising is tax deducible. And, because so much money is invested on advertising and promoting tobacco products, the tax break is huge. (Source:

2. According to the 1994 Advertising Age/Gallup Poll, RJ Reynolds spends about $22 million a year on Camel ads. (Source:

3. Tobacco advertising spending increased 16 percent from 1990 to 1991. Traditional mass-media advertising (newspapers, magazines, etc.) accounted for 79 percent of all advertising in 1975 versus 22 percent in 1991, the Federal Trade Commission announced in a recent report to Congress. Other advertising items (such as gifts, sports-team sponsorships and point-of-sale ads) rose from 21 percent in 1975 to 78 percent in 1991. (Source:

4. Advertising is generally less likely to effect college-educated people. (JAMA, 1999) (Source:

5. There was a 58.2 percent in cigarette ads in October 1994 with a total revenue increase of 27.5 percent over a nine-month period in 1993. (Advertising Age Magazine). (Source:

6. According to the Surgeon General's Report, 36 percent of tobacco advertisements are in magazines targeted toward teens. (Source: