The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

The creative arts therapies in Children's Hospital include
art therapy and music therapy, which can be group sessions or individual ones.

The art therapists in this hospital first access the children's emotions, perception of physical health, cognitive skills, social functioning and communication abilities to decide if the sessions will be individual or group.

Music Therapy involves a variety of activities such as music improvisation, receptive music listening, song writing, lyric discussion, music and imagery, music performance and learning through music.

Art therapy, as the name suggest, helps the chidren allay their fear about illnesses, procedures or treatment. The hospital has collected an execllent gallery of children's art.

An interesting art activities that the hospital uses is medical play through medical dolls.

These dolls are personalized by the children using non-toxic permanent markers. The Child Life and Education Department uses these dolls tohelp children familiarize themeselves with the healthcare environment as well as helping them relax in the hospital environment.

Children also use the dolls to prepare and cope with treatment processes. The doll can be used to show where injections will be given or what posture or body position is used.

The children can take them home when they are discharged.

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