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Artists on the Wards

In Canada, Artists on the Wards at the University of Alberta Hospital is another program that provides patients comfort through art.

The program, based on the Shands Hospital AIM program in Florida, was begun in 1999. Friends of University Hospitals, a non-profit organization founded it. Artists on the Wards became the first art program within Canada's acute care hospitals.

The program began with two visual artists and two poet/writers who worked at the bedside with adult in-patients. Today the program includes eight paid artists

These artists share their creativity with patients and staff with visual art, dancing, music, poetry, writing and drama.

Other art activities include...

In an Alberta Association of Registered Nurses article, the Friends' executive director, Michele Rapley explained why art is so important for patients.

“It allows patients to have some choice and control over an aspect of their hospital stay, and this helps empower them to be responsible for their own healing," she said.

Rx Art

Rx Art, a not-for-profit corporation, has worked with the Rockefeller University Hospital in New York to install art in all patient rooms, exam rooms and patient corridors.

The corporation elieves that healing is done not just on the physical level but also on the emotional and mental levels.

It also believes that viewing art promotes a healing through strengthening the immune system, changing pain perception and ultimately decreasing hospital length of stay.

The Creative Center for Women with Cancer

The Creative Center for Women with Cancer works specifically with women and men with cancer in several New York hospitals.

The Center has begun a national professional training program for hospital artists-in-residence that prepares artists across the country to work with patients in centers, clinics and hospitals.

Their training program allows these artists to get hands on experince at local health facilities.These include...

The center also offers seminars and workshops that include visual, performing and literary arts, and are taught by artists, physicians, nurses and psychologists from New York’s leading educational and medical centers.



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