So now that you know what it means, why is it important? 

        Do you ever actually stop and think about how that chicken or that steak got onto your plate?  Of course, you know, it’s from the grocery store and then you cooked it, right? 

        Well, next time think back a little farther.  Like to when it was an animal that was genetically altered to be a certain way might have been fed until it about popped so it was nice and juicy, or maybe was kept chained in a dark room so that it would be lean.  That’s where it started. 

        It was born to be put on your plate and lived for that reason and that reason only.  Then consider it was injected with lots of preservatives or maybe the right hormones. 

        At any rate, the point is that in today’s world the ecological effects of large scale factory farming, should be enough to make you think twice when you look at what it is you feel you need to eat. 

        All right, so now you have thought about it, maybe that slab of meat can take on the identity of a tortured living thing; on the other hand maybe what I’ve said has yet to affect you. 

        If this is the case next time, look at the blob on your plate and picture it as your favorite pet.  In many places cat or dog or even iguana are just as convenient as a chicken or a cow.  Could you eat them? 

        From what I’ve heard they all taste just like chicken. I hope you have a good picture now and would like to continue with some meat related health issues. 

        Ever heard of mad cow disease?  According to the on-line article ‘A beef with beef’ the disease starts with sudden mood swings, then numbness, and uncontrolled body movements, until the mind is destroyed after about 18 months of suffering.  All this because you just had to eat a steak. 

        That is only in Europe though, right…wrong.  In America there is a disease that is the same.  It is called down syndrome in cows and is predicted to outbreak on a large scale within a couple decades.   

        One last health related issue I would like to bring to your attention, particularly women’s attention is that, according to the BBC News, “In a study, women who got a high ratio of their protein from meat or dairy products rather than vegetables, had three times the rate of bone loss than those at the opposite end of the scale.”