Keep in mind that the following is an informative, yet opinionated article!

           Do you ever stop and ask yourself why you eat the things you do?  Or do you ever read the labels on your favorite foods?  Or even ask why you eat meat?  If you donít already, maybe you should. 

        These questions are far more important than many people realize.  I would like to explain to you what being a vegetarian means, why itís an important life decision, and how easy it is.


        Letís begin with the definition of a vegetarian.  I donít know how many times I have heard the words, ďIím a vegetarian, I just eat chicken.Ē 

        Well guess what, when you eat chicken you are not a vegetarian.  Last time I checked a chicken is an animal that people slaughter and then partake in eating its flesh.  And this makes you a meat eater. 

        However, there are different types of vegetarians.  First is a lacto-ovo vegetarian, meaning the person incorporates both eggs and milk products into their diet.   Then there is a lacto vegetarian, which means just milk products are sometimes incorporated and third there are vegans which eat no animal products or by products. 

        For some people to decide to make this a lifestyle, and it is a lifestyle, it may not be a small decision, especially in a society that is raised to think meat is a necessity. 

        A friend of mine, Katie Brown, also a vegetarian stated this perfectly when she said, ďBeing a vegetarian means being health conscious.  It means watching everything you eat, getting to know your body, and basically just living healthy.Ē