Now that you may have found a reason to consider not eating meat, next time you think you want it, I would like to tell you how easy it is to find a substitute. 

        Ever heard of morning star?  It is a line of products that are meat substitutes, for example they make “meat free buffalo wings.”  Check them out next time you are in the frozen section at the grocery store. 

        Then with stores like Mother Earth or other natural food stores, it is so easy to make sure to get everything you need in your diet.  And if Deborah Madison can come up with 723 pages worth of vegetarian recipes, you better believe that there are amazing foods that you really should try.  Maybe foods you would never take the time to think about before.

        Now that you know what a vegetarian is, why it can be important and how simple it is I hope you will at least think twice about what you are eating and why next time you sit down for a meal.