Homeopathic is a method of healing that is designed to work with the bodies own defenses.  The medicine is diluted to eliminate toxic effects in order to achieve healing without side effects.

        The physicians who designed this method believe that the body's own attempt at health should not be stopped, but rather given a little push.

        The advantages of homeopathic remedies to conventional medicine are that they treat diseases, cost less, and have no side effects.

        When you take a trip to the doctor  for being sick, the first question asked is about the symptoms you are feeling.  This is because conventional medicine is designed to treat the symptoms and this is a difference between chemical drugs and natural homeopathic methods.

        While your symptoms will determine what natural medicine you will need, the actual remedy is designed to cure the disease, not just the symptoms.

        For every potentially harmful chemical drug there is a natural equivalent.  For example, red yeast rice lowers cholesterol the same way lipitor does, without the side effects.