Health options are thrown at you from every angle every day.  Commercials promote new drugs that have been manufactured, new fitness equipment is constantly available, new diets, and new evidence for diseases are at every turn. 

        However, the right decision for your life may require slightly more research than just turning on your television. 

        Does this sound familiar?  Zyrtec, the allergy medicine, taken once daily will alleviate most allergies.  Side effects may include headache, nosebleed, nausea, and sore throat and have been reported to be mild to moderate.

        Now, instead of having itchy eyes and a runny nose you get a headache and feel like you want to throw up.  A trade off, does not seem like a wonderful solution.

        This is where the research can come in handy.  Health seems to be everywhere and yet people are not investigating and getting to know their bodies as well as they should.  Being health conscious means being aware of all the options and choosing the best one.