This is a method of healing that uses tiny needles to stimulate healing in a certain part of the body.  It can be used to treat everything from arthritis to menopausal symptoms.  According to the British Medical Journal, the benefits far out weigh any negative side effects (which are minor and short-lived and include bruising, bleeding, and fainting).

This is the method of healing that uses scents to stimulate certain parts of the body and promote health.  Essential oils can be used for just about anything from an earache to bronchitis or even as a sexual stimulant.  Check out the online article, "Stay Healthy This Winter With Essential Oils."

A naturopath is a medical doctor trained in natural methods of healing.  They can work with a conventional doctor to achieve the most success for the patient.  They use herbs, homeopathic remedies, and frequently recommend acupuncture or aromatherapy or yoga.

This exercise frequently helps people with asthma or arthritis.  It establishes breathing techniques that are healthy for the body, strengthens muscles, posture, and flexibility, and relaxes the mind.  "Studies show that yoga can give joints greater mobility and make them hurt less.  Inflammation may also be reduced," Donna Lee Nardo states in "Fighting Arthritis Naturally."