The Average Fan's Guide To NCAA Sports

Welcome to The Average Fan's Guide to NCAA Sports. Many fans of college sports mainly follow only their favorite team very closely. These fans know all about the players and coaches of their schools. Fans watch their local newscasts and read the newspaper to keep up with their beloved team. Many fans hear and read terms about college sports that they don't understand. Terms such as redshirt freshman and Prop 48 are often misunderstood. This site will attempt to explain these terms in a manner in which the average fan can understand. The information within is related to NCAA Division 1 sports, which are what the average fan views as major college sports.

Play For Pay

Every year more and more athletes are leaving college early or skipping it altogether. They are seeking the millions of dollars that a professional contract will bring. In some sports the best athletes have been going pro instead of to school for quite a while. In tennis for instance most of the world's top players play professionally instead of going to college. The same can be said for baseball, where most of the best players are drafted right out of high school. In the last few years basketball has seen many of it's best players go pro early. How does a young player test their value without losing their college eligibility? Pay