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     Children are one of the most guarded audiences in the television industry.  Throughout history there have been many laws enacted to protect children from violent, obscene and any other offensive program.  There also have been laws protecting them from too many commercials and not enough educational programming.  The burden is always placed on the commercial broadcast stations, but where is the responsibility

of the parent.
    The problem with television is that it is often seen as something that corrupts children’s minds.  Contrary to that belief, TV could really be used as a useful learning tool.  Not only can shows like Sesame Street teach reading and arithmetic, but even soap operas can teach quality morals and social skills.  Introduced at the child’s right maturity level by a parent soap operas may help teens understand certain issues that surround them.  I know this may sound bizarre, but showing the child a wrong act, the consequences associated with the

wrong act, and then the parent teaching the right act can be a very useful way of learning.  It can also spark further communication between the parent and child, a very important tool in child upbringing.
     In this web page I explore the restrictions placed on children’s programming, the importance of restricting children’s programming, and the quality of programming available for children.

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