children                                                                       TV Set                                                                                                                  
                    TV Set                                                                                               television


It is important to restrict children’s programming because of the amount of TV children watch.  “By the time most American children begin first grade, they will have spent the equivalent of three school years in front of the television set,” (A).  It is also important to place restrictions on children’s programming because of its ability to influence children, either in a

negative way or in a positive way.  “Research has made clear what a powerful educational medium television can be when used thoughtfully.  Children who regularly see Sesame Street and Mister Roger’s Neighborhood got along better with other children than those who didn’t,” (C).  Lastly, it is important to restrict children’s programming because of the vulnerability of children.  “Congress found that television has the power to teach children.  It can assist children to learn important information skills, values, and behavior, while entertaining them and

exciting their curiosity to learn about the world around them,”(A).  Congress and the FCC have recognized that society can benefit from TV because TV has the ability to help educate and inform our children (A). 

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