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Name Email Phone (434) Year
Krystal Artis 243-1884 4
Veronica Clemens ? 3
Alyson Duggan 243-0189 2
Cathy Farmer 243-1346 1
Brian Lee 243-0689 3
Nancy Li 243-1184 1
Nina Mohleji 243-0037 1
Sheryl Noonan 243-1346 1
Kofi Owusu 243-0688 3
Sarah Payne ? 1
Victoria Perera 982-6988 1
Sarah Peters 243-1215 1
Melanie Symister 977-0878 3
Marie Tedesco 243-3361 2
Katie Varnum 977-0873 1
Rachel Vogus ? 1
PRESIDENT: Tony Wong 243-0687 3

Links The national March of Dimes website. Go here to find out general information and to find your local chapter.

The March of Dimes Health Library This page contains a wealth of information regarding everything to do with a baby's health.

National March of Dimes Online Donation Center Donate money to help save babies. Visit the University of Virginia home page.

March of Dimes Collegiate Council Learn more about Collegiate Councils.

National Youth Council Learn about the March of Dimes' National Youth Council.

mama "Your online guide to a healthy pregnancy." This site is all about having healthy babies.


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