of Tokyo's major airports (click for a larger image)

locations of Tokyo's major airports

sightseeing map of the greater Tokyo area (click for a larger image)

major sights of Tokyo, such as the Rainbow Bridge, are highlighted with this map

a map in Japanese
of Tokyo's subway system (click for a larger image)

a map of Tokyo's subway system

are traveled
by Japan's shinkansen bullet train (click for a larger image travel area of Japan's shinkansen bullet train


Although Western visitors may be reassured of Tokyo’s seemingly Western appearance simple navigation in the city often proves to be nothing less than a headache. Many streets remain nameless, and tourists must use other points of reference. Don’t fret too much! Japanese people are known for being exceptionally friendly and willing to share a helping hand to tourists. Regardless, equipping yourself with multiple maps is a good idea for both trekking through the city and maintaining your sanity during the venture.

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area map
of greater Tokyo area (click for a larger image)

Tokyo area map

more resources:
you can find free maps, as well as travel tips and language assistance, at The Tourist Information Centers (TICS).

Tokyo Office:
B1 Floor, Tokyo International Forum
3-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-00005
Tel. (03)3201-3331

New Tokyo International

Arrival Floor, Passenger Terminal 1 Building
New Tokyo International Airport
Chiba 282-0011
Tel. (0476)34-6251

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