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Dr. Seuss wrote under the identity of "Theo LeSeig," Footguy which is a summary and rearrangement of "Theodor Geisel."

Dr. Seuss signed his drawings of the Loraxes, Whos, and Zooks with "Dr. Theophrastus Seuss", to give a scientific distinction to his goofy zoology.

Psychologist considers the Cat in the Hat to be among the most influential "media" personalities in young children's lives.

Theodor Geisel first signed his name "Dr. Seuss" while writing for the Dartmouth humor magazine, Jack-o-Lantern.

His friends in a fraternal club voted Dr. Seuss "least likely to succeed". HamguyYet he emerged the most successful of any of them.

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Dr. Seuss' wife, Helen, helped create the plots and characters in most of his books.

Green Eggs and Ham was written using only variations of 50 different words.

Dr. Seuss was described as "the German brewer's kid" and was nicknamed the Kaiser. Yet he overcame, Nerdthese situations with a sense of humility and endurance.

Dr. Seuss invented the term Nerd when it first appeared in 1950 in If I Ran the Zoo.

This year is the fortieth anniversary of The Cat in the Hat.

When asked why he puts the Dr. in front of his pseudonym he said that his father had always wanted a doctor in the family.

Dr. Seuss and his wife, Helen, made up an imaginary law firm named Grimalkin Drouberhannus Knalber and Fepp, which they used to send each other secret code.

One of NASA's ships, Data Relay Solar Electric Utility Spacecraft (DRSEUS), is called Dr. Seuss.

Movie icon, Boris Karloff, narrated the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. He is best known as Frankenstein's monster in the 1931 movie Frankenstein.

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