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"Gigi" rehearsals began in October of 1951. Audrey did not do well.

Audrey had grown too fond of the New York night life and sight-seeing to apply herself to the roll. When they threatened to cut her Audrey took vocal lessons and seriously applied herself to the role and she began to excel.

The play opened to modest reviews except Audrey who within a week had gone from "Gigi" with Audrey Hepburn to Audrey Hepburn in "Gigi."

Audrey's long time beau, James Hanson, had traveled to New York for "Gigi's" premiere, and while there, proposed marriage. Audrey accepted.

However, the engagement would not lead to marriage. After several months of postponing wedding plans, Audrey ended her engagement with Hanson. She said she knew if she married him, she would not be able to continue with her career.

"Gigi" closed in early 1952 and Audrey was immediately flown to Rome to begin "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck.

Peck grew so fond of Audrey's talent he called the studio and insisted on having Audrey's name above the title, because "They'd be fools if they didn't".

"Roman Holiday" was completed in September of 1952 and opened very well.

Audrey was on her way to becoming a movie star.

In September 1953, Audrey began shooting her second film; the Billy Wilder directed version of the British stage hit, "Sabrina Fair", renamed "Sabrina", It co-starred Humphrey Bogart and William Holden. Audrey as shy, collected Sabrina Fairchild. Before filming, Audrey was sent to Paris to choose some clothing for filming, as her character in the movie comes back from Paris the epitome of Paris style. Audrey chooses a little shop owned by a young designer named Hubert de Givenchy. Upon hearing that a "Miss Hepburn" was there to see him, he rushed up front to find Miss Hepburn, just not the one he had been expecting.

After seeing that is was not Katherine Hepburn, but some skinny doe-eyed young woman he'd never heard of, he said he was too busy to make her anything, and that she should just browse the racks.

However, that did not last long as he soon fell for Miss Hepburn and made the original Givenchy featured in "Sabrina," which are still regarded as the definition of Audrey's style. Hepburn and Givenchy remained close friends for the rest of their lives.

During the filming of "Sabrina," Audrey began what some could call a romance with her cast mate, Holden. But a relationship could never develop despite Holden's promise his divorce would come because Audrey learned that Holden had had a vasectomy. Audrey wanted to have children and that wasn't possible with Holden, so she broke off their relationship before the production of their film was complete. Holden became a drunk afterwards and promised to sleep with a girl in every country before he died.

Audrey as a water sprite in Ondine.Audrey did find a special someone while at a party in 1954. Audrey was introduced to a fellow actor, Mel Ferrer by their mutual friend, Gregory Peck. The two hit it off and a few months later, Ferrer introduced a script to Audrey called "Ondine", an upcoming Broadway play about a water sprite who falls in love with a handsome knight. Audrey accepted the role and "Ondine" started its run on Broadway. Hepburn and Ferrer began a romance. By the end of "Ondine" Ferrer proposed marriage. "Ondine" closed July 3, 1954 after 157 showings and the two were married in a civil ceremony on September 24, 1954. During the production of "Ondine", Audrey was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in "Roman Holiday". The ceremony, which was held on March 25, 1954, was being shot in both Los Angeles and New York. Audrey was in New York at the time performing in "Ondine". She arrived late, as she had just finished performing and showed up still in her stage make-up. Audrey had won the award. Audrey even had a street named after her in her hometown of Brussels. Three days after the Oscar ceremony, Audrey received the Tony for best on stage actress for her role in "Ondine."

"How will I ever live up to them?" Audrey asked a group of reporters, when asked about her recent accolades.

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