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NFL LogoCurrently there are only two NFL community service programs that are promoted by the league each year. One philanthropy project is making community football fields safe for youth to play. The second is re-building a home for an low-income family in the Super Bowl's Host City.

Since 1998, the NFL has teamed up with the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) to promote the Community Football Fields Initiative.

In 2002, the National Football League has donated more than $1.5 million to rebuild fifteen community football fields in twelve cities. Through this donation, non-profit neighborhood based organizations, are provided with financial and technical assistance to improve the quality and safety of local school and parks football fields.

The NFL has partnered with LISC for the past seven years. Since its founding in 1995, Commissioner and Chandler Tagliabue has supported the LISC's Kickoff to Rebuild. Kickoff to Rebuild provides a visible demonstration project for the community to view. The program rehabbs houses of low-income families in the Super Bowl host city.

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