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Turn 2 FoundationNew York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is an very active athlete. Having won four World Series Championships in six years, and being considered one of New York's most eligible bachelors, Derek Jeter still has time to give back to the community.

In 1996, Derek started Turn 2 Foundation to help youth who are "at risk" of turning to alcohol and drugs. Derek wanted to reward youths who avoided drugs and alcohol and choose healthy lifestyles. Derek also wanted to help youth who already were substance abusers. By implementing Turn 2, Derek has helped fund safe haven's for many "at risk" youths.

Currently, Turn 2 is funding programs in Kalamazoo, Michigan, New York City, and just recently Tampa, Florida.

Some of Turn 2's programs include:

Jeter's Leaders:

For youth in KalaDerek Jeter with Jeter's Leadersmazoo, MI in 9th-12th grades. This program teaches students the importance of academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and community service. Jeter's Leaders deliver a positive message in regards to the importance of staying in school and leading alcohol and drug free lifestyles.

Turn 2 After School Program:

In September 2000, Turn 2 developed an After School Program at the Jackie Robinson Center in Central Harlem, NY. Along with the city of NY Parks and Recreation Department, Turn 2 has created a safe haven for over 100 children ages 6 through 12. Youth participate in cultural arts, physical fitness, and educational enrichment programs each weekday 3-6pm. Some of the activities include: computer lab, visual arts, drama, dance, creative writing, sports, field trips, and theme-based learning.

Turn 2 Baseball Clinics:

For the past four years, New York Cities youth have learned the fundamentals of baseball along with building leadership and teamwork skills. This six week program is administered by City of NY Parks and Recreation. In 2001, Turn 2 Baseball Clinics held weekly contests in each of the five boroughs. Contests included hitting, running, throwing and best sportsmanship. A citywide contest for each of the winners from the five boroughs was held at Kidfest 2001. Every participant at the Baseball Clinics were rewarded with a field trip to Yankee Stadium.

Turn 2 Us, Healthy Lifestyles Program

In partnership with Children’s Hospital of New York and Public School 128 in Washington Heights, NY., this program promotes healthy lifestyles, education, and treatment that take a holistic approach to prevention. The program will teach children and parents how to maintain healthy and productive lifestyles. The Healthy Lifestyles Program will also give individuals knowledge to help them build and reinforce their inner strengths.Participating individuals will be taught how to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle throughout their lives.

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