Star Jones, a former prosecuting attorney and now a co-host of "The View", has beat the odds of life in the small town of Badin, North Carolina. Jones is an attractive, black women who emulates the usual images that are shown on television. Instead, Jones represents a growing population of powerful, successful and single black women that command respect with their mere candor and confidence. She is currently working with ShopNBC, a leading national shopping network, that will be airing "It's All About You With Star Jones" and showcasing products from the newly created "Star Jones Collection."
    With the evolution of time, black women have progressed from the Aunt Jemima's and nanny figures that were depicted earlier. Jones is fairly educated yet, she does not receive as much recognition that she should. Jones reaches the homes of millions in America to discuss issues, share daily opinions and interesting conversations.

The once high school drop-out, poverty-stricken and Detroit orphan Judge Greg Mathis, was elected the 36th District Judge in Michigan in 1995. This became a national story of hope for black Americans like himself who are overcoming the hardships of life. As a public offender, Mathis earned his GED after he was ordered to by judge that showed his love and concern. Now as the leading star of Warner Brothers with the Judge Mathis Show, he continues to set an example for other black males and females who  may be experiencing the same he has.
    Young Adults Asserting Themselves, a program Mathis officiates, adds positivism to the images of future blacks that may possibly enter the media. With the media consistently overrating the negative doings of blacks, it some times appears that there is no hope. However it is.  It is just difficult to change public opinion due to overwhelming accounts of misrepresentation.

As the leading lady to President George Bush, the sophisticated, yet classy southern belle, Condoleezza Rice has broken the ice as the first black female to become  the National Security Advisors White House. Originally from Birmingham, Rice was taught the finer things in life and provides a very positive image for black women in America.