Blacks and Television

        In a study conducted by Donna McNally, she discovered that the portrayal of blacks on television provides a better examination of their roles in creating and maintaining the low subjective expectation that many blacks have regarding their ability, collectively and individiuality. A great number of blacks do not believe in their power to impact the social system. This inactivity precipitates blacks to be powerless. One way in which television appears to have reinforced this powerlessness of blacks is by portraying black characters that are unrecognized whose characters are ineffective and tend to be less serious than whites. EXAMPLES

Violent Images

  The deceased, rapper, poet and street lyricist, Tupac Shakur, often wrote and sung songs entitled "America's Most Wanted" that portrayed a roguish image in addition to his constant legal charges of drugs and shootings. However, his videos were played on MTV and BET depicted such a violent, immoral individual that notoriously had tattooed "Outlaw" on his forearm and "Thug Life" on his abdomen. According to a study conducted by Ross Bandura, Tupac explicitly was an imitation of film-mediated aggressive behavior.

    Unfortunately, children have a natural inclination to imitate this aggressive behavior among their peers and family, simply because they learn what is observed, regardless of the consequences.