Stereotypical images have been around for a while. Most of these images are mystified and necessarily do not always exist and in most cases are also derogatory in some shape or form. In the cases of blacks, these images have such a negative impact that is deeply rooted to the unfortunate  peculiar institution of slavery. While whites and surprisingly, blacks too, have actively participated in this negative portrayal, the American public still finds it appealing.   
    In this web site, I will present counterexamples to the stereotypical negative images of blacks with positive images that provide a better representation of the full aura of blacks in America. The media tends to zero in more in the negative images  to inconspicuously illustrate to the audience their true ill feelings of blacks.  While in contrast, positive images of blacks remain unrecognized.
    Secondly, I will show the effects of the media on the American audience and how much of influence the media has on shaping views.  



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