My stake in emo

[Three Rivers]

This is the part about my involvement in emo. In 1999, I, Anthony LaFerrera, played bass in a band called Three Rivers in my hometown of Boynton Beach, FL, just prior to moving to Gainesville to attend UF. Our style was actually a hybrid of metal and emo, and none of us except the guitar player had ever played in an emo band before. It was a lot of fun. I have provided a picture of us near the end of our year-long venture. We started as a five-piece but eventually reduced to a three piece toward the end. In the picture from left to right is Brandon, the drummer, myself and Fro, the guitarist. The mp3 I included is from when we first got together as a five piece. I made this mp3 from a song we recorded on a household cassette deck in our warehouse, so it doesn't sound great. It gives you the idea of what we were doing, and it sounds better than the multi-track recordings we did toward the end of our entourage. Additional members in this recording are Mark Young on guitar and Billy Sheehan on vocals.
My Choice mp3

Provided by Anthony LaFerrera for your enjoyment.