Early days of Emo

According to the All Music Guide, emo started in Washington, DC's hardcore punk scene in the mid-eighties. Some early pioneers of emo were bands such as Rites of Spring, Embrace, Dag Nasty, Nation of Ulysses and Fugazi, who were on the Dischord record label. Most early emo bands were short lived. Some singers were so emotional when performing that they would literally break out into tears.

[Sunny Day Real Estate]

Emo stayed completely underground until the mid-nineties when Sunny Day Real Estate (picture on right) emerged from the Seattle scene and brought the style out into the light with the album diary. Released on the SubPop label, SDRE's style reflected Fugazi influence mixed with Seattle grunge and progressive rock. In addition to the dramatic melodies of SDRE that gave birth to a new generation of dynamically driving rock, Weezer, from Southern California, inspired many copycats with its Pinkerton album (the follow-up to the highly successful self-titled album featuring the track "Buddy Holly"). Other pioneer bands include Quicksand and Drive like Jehu who were highly influenced by Fugazi. Sunny Day Real Estate, Weezer and/or Fugazi had influenced most of the emo bands from this period.

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