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Braid is one of those bands in which every song truly sounds completely different from the last. The dynamics, tempo changes, and vocal harmonies meet both ends of the spectrum in Braid's songs. Also dynamically changing was the band's lineup. Starting out as a vocalist/guitarist Bob Nanna's side project, Braid was formed in 1993 in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Bob met early founding members Roy Ewing (drums), Pete Havranek (guitar), and Jay Ryan (bass) while he was playing drums for the band Friction. In the beginning, they had a female vocalist, Kate Ruess, who left the band after the second show. The band went through quite a lineup change in the beginning, switching to a new vocalist/guitarist Chris Broach after Pete left, switching bassists when Jay left the band and they gained Todd Bell. Braid's first release was a 7-inch record on Enclave Records, and the first album titled Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5 was released with Divot Records in 1995. The group released several albums before breaking up in 1999. Information provided by
Check out this nineteen75 mp3 from the album Age of Octeen.

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