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Fugazi is known for bringing its brand of post-hardcore rock n' roll to a higher artistic level than ever previously achieved. With its members' roots in the Washington, DC hardcore scene, the group formed in 1987 with former members of Rites of Spring, Embrace and Minor Threat and established a global following over the next decade. They have meant as much to Generation X as Bob Dylan meant to their parent's generation, and more than anything they demonstrated that art could prevail over commerce. Vocalist/guitarist Ian MacKaye, guitarist/vocalist Guy Picciotto, bassist Joe Lally and drummer Brendan Canty comprise this innovative quartet. Fugazi released its first self-titled EP in 1988 and soon followed with 13 songs and Repeater, which was deemed as the group's classic album. From there on up through the years, the material on the albums has continuously become more technical and challenging. The message behind the music has been very politically correct and anti-violent, which ironically clashed with the characteristics of the people who often flocked to the shows. The group has been very cost conscious for the fans, usually charging only $5 or $10 to get into shows that were usually held at small venues. The members were community activists, resisted the mainstream, and resisted most media outlets. This resulted in journalists having a field day on them with creative freedom and sensationalistic writing. No one ever really knew much about them because of all the fictitious accounts about their lives until a friend named Jem Cohen did a documentary on them. Information provided by
Check out this Suggestion mp3, it's one of Fugazi's most popular songs.

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