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The Promise Ring

It was 1995 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when The Promise Ring formed and emerged into the emo scene with its straightforward poppy-brand of emo for the masses. Singer/guitarist Davey VonBohlen, guitarist Jason Gnewikow, bassist Scott Schoenbeck and drummer Dan Didier comprise the energetic quartet. In 1996 Promise Ring signed with Jade Tree records, a well-established indie rock label, and released two 7-inch records, a singles compilation disc and a full-length album, 30 degrees everywhere, all in that first year. In 1997 the group released another full-length album, Nothing Feels Good, and in 1999 the group released Very Emergency. Videos from those last two albums were even played on MTV, which is uncommon for emo bands even today. Information provided by Check out this Emergency!Emergency! mp3 from the album Very Emergency.

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