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Sunny Day Real Estate

Formed in Seattle in 1992, Sunny Day Real Estate came out during the early reign of Grunge Rock, which produced bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Drastically different from their contemporaries, the media called them the "alternative to alternative." SDRE released Diary, its first full-length album, in 1994 on the SubPop label. This album was pivotal in the exposure of emo to the masses. Though generally uncooperative with the mass media, the SDRE hit Seven was getting played regularly on radio stations and MTV and everyone wanted to know who they were. The band was short lived at first, having endured all the most cliché of drama: singer/guitarist Jeremy Enigk finding Christianity, the band shooting an ad for Nordstrom's department store, never performing with the full lineup while touring California, and bassist Nate Mendel & drummer William Goldsmith leaving to join the Foo Fighters and the first sign of breaking up in 1995. All members with the exception of guitarist Dan Hoerner found other things to do until they reunited in 1997 minus bassist Nate Mendel, who stayed with the Foo Fighters. They recorded two more albums that were much softer than prior to the break-up before disbanding for the last time in June of 2001. Information provided by Check out this Seven mp3 from the album Diary.

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