A God-Altered Mentality

Julie Anne Ferreira practically lives at her office. The Director of Youth Ministry at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic parish in Melbourne, Florida, Julie Anne spends most of her time with teens. She sees first-hand how the media affects teen sexual attitudes.

"Teens have lots of sexual dialogue. They're exposed to so much more than I was at their age, and I'm not even ten years older than them. Some of my ninth graders feel there's nothing wrong with porn. The media has taken a gift [sex] and made it like breathing."

The Christian perspective changes teens' views, however. "It challenges them to evaluate where they stand and makes them want to be more conservative, " Ferreira continues.

16 year-old Arayna Egan also feels the media downplays the significance of sex by making it their focus. "If they [the media] focused on other things, people wouldn't focus so much on sex."

Egan's faith helps her to secure the belief in abstaining from sex before marriage.

"The media doesn't show consequences of sex," says Sara Reilova, also 16.

Another 16 year-old, Kerri Wysocki concurs. "On Dawson's Creek and American Pie, they're always having sex."

Laughing, Sara mentions a song by Craig David called "7 Days," where a man sleeps with a woman only two days after meeting her on the subway.

"I have news for you," Sara says, "Your woman sleeps around way too much."


© Copyright 2002 Anne Klockenkemper