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about this site

This site was created as a project for the class MMC 5015: Survey of Electronic Publishing at the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications in Gainesville, Florida.

This site is by no means an exhaustive resource for those seeking information about online news media, but rather an attempt to highlight a few topics in the area that may be of interest to new media students.

For more information on this topic, explore the many links throughout the site.

Images used on the site are original graphics, royalty-free clipart, composite graphics created from royalty-free images, or illustrations retrieved from other Web sites with permission from the owners.

About the author

Michele K. Jones is a journalism graduate student at the University of Florida. She graduated from the University of West Florida with a bachelor's degree in international studies in 2001.

After a few brief stints as writer and editor for small print newspapers, Michele's interests led her to the area of online media and Web design. Upon completion of her master's degree in April 2003, she hopes to obtain a position in that field.

Other areas of interest and research include public opinion theory (specifically third-person effects and agenda setting) and opinion writing.

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