The idea of shaving off the pitch of society to leave only the most physically and mentally fit is as old as recorded history. Sparta was one of the first, recorded, civilizations to governmentally implement the practice of societal cleansing.

Spartan children, who were determined to be weak, at birth, were taken to the outlying hills of the city and left to die of exposure. Those who were allowed to live were trained to serve the state without question for the first 60 years of their lives. (Hooker)

Between the years of 1933 and 1945 the Nazi party killed more than 5,900,000 Jews in a campaign to cleanse the world "impure" blood. (Watt)

Most young Americans are appalled by the Holocaust and the thought of something similar happening in America is beyond them. What many of them don't know is that while Hitler was busy trying to anihilate the Jews we were waging a war on of our own against tainted blood.

Hitler's campaing came to be known as the Holocaust. America's was called the Eugenics Movement.

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