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Eric Hastie

Graduate School Programs, find a good one

There are two specific direction graduate studies can go.

The first type is the academic and the second is the professional degree.

Research is the primary factor in distinguishing the type of degree you're looking to receive. Academic degrees focus on original research while professional degrees stress real world application of knowledge. In the field of journalism, this includes internships and published articles.

A great place to start looking at programs is the library. There are professional publications for every field of study and they often highlight specific programs. You can see what research professors at the school are working on.

You can even be ambitious and start your journalism career early by interviewing and consulting people who are successful in the field. A lot of times these individuals have gone through the same process as you and will provide valuable insight into different programs. Another great source is graduate students already in the program.

These people are all great sources for letters of recommendation. Be sure to give them ample time to write the letter and make sure you give them the correct address information. Be sure to keep track of the application process. Application requirements are never the same at any institution. It is important to read everything carefully and make sure the correct forms have been filled out and mailed in on time. Deadlines usually range from August before your senior year to July.