The explosion of media outlets is good for the future of public relations. Sports public relations experts, often called Information Directors, coordinate information from teams to the press at the same time they give sports news items to the public. They also play an important "promotional" role in generating public interest in a team, increasing teams' and college/university visibility with fans and filling stadiums.


Professional sports teams work with the news media on a daily basis, for that reason it is beneficial that they have a good opinion of the team. Often working seven days a week during the season, public relations staffs for sports teams must be quick to respond to any development that the management may create. Responding may mean having a private conversation with a trusted reporter to holding a press conference.

Other Tasks

College and professional public relations personnel do everything from writing newspaper stories and press releases to organizing press briefings, preparing press guides and maintaining team historical files. They are responsible for responding to media and public information requests--and often for positioning difficult or sensitive news stories relating to teams or players so as to throw the most positive light on a situation.

Background/Education Required

These are the same as most other public relations professionals. Writing and communication skills are essential, and an interest in new media, Internet journalism and desktop publishing will be very helpful. Experience at school newspaper, radio and TV stations is helpful, as is a college degree in English, communications or public relations. A working knowledge of the sport would not hurt either.

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