Public relations take on a unique flare when done for non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations typically have smaller budgets than other institutions, so creativity is at a premium. In fact, unless you are working for United Way or the American Heart Association or some other equally large organization, you will not have a campaign, you will just have a modest media plan.

These are a few things necessary to do effective public relations for a non-profit organization.

Public Service Announcements

PSA stands for public service announcement and it is a brief announcement heard on the radio or spot on television between commercials. PSAs may only be 10 or 30 seconds long but can prove to be one of the most powerful weapons in a public relations professional's arsenal when working with a non-profit.

Effective Press Releases

Press releases may seem like an easy task not likely to produce many results, especially for a non-profit. However, an effective press release can work magic for a public relations professional looking to put their organization on the map.

With a press release, your goal is to stimulate the interest of the reporter or editor so that he or she will telephone asking for information. Since you are sending this release to journalists, it needs to read like a news story putting the who, what, when, where, why and how at the top.

Non-profits do succeed

Getting publicity for a non-profit may not be easy. It takes a creative approach, the key is to come up with an effective program and stick with it.

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